Who doesn’t love to have a scrumptious meaty date? Most of us do, and that is exactly what you will find on this page. Indulge in some of the most lip smacking, juicy bites of varied non vegetarian dishes from around the world. Our popular non vegetarian recipes include chicken, fish, beef, mutton, and eggs. So, if you plan to stir up a party meal, we will help you get started.

Popular Non Vegetarian Recipes

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Easy Spicy Indian Egg Curry ( Dhaba Style Egg Masala Recipe) Here we have an easy egg curry for all ages to try! This restaurant style egg curry (Anda Curry) is tasty, healthy and the perfect choice for bachelor
Egg Dosa Egg Dosas are highly rich in protein and makes a quick, appetizing,and nutritious meal for all ages. It is made with the traditional dosa batter and t
Easy Maggi Chopsuey For those who haven't forgotten those lovely college days, here we have a quick Maggi meal for you. Forget the trip to a Chinese restaurant and serve
Egg Salad Sandwiches This is a classic sandwich that is rich in protein and is very filling. With the goodness of eggs and the subtle creaminess of the mayonnaise makes i
Salami And Cheese Bread Rolls The rich and salty salami and cheese bread rolls are a popular snack item in the western part of the country. The bread is essentially flattened out;r
Egg In A Hole This is a simple yet visually appealing dish. The kids are bound to love it. This is a wonderfully sim ple recipe that is perfect for lazy Sunday morn
Bread Omelette An easy recipe that all new cooks can try a hand at! It is made with all basic ingredients and can be prepared within a jiffy! Healthy, tasty and stoc
French Toast This is a simple yet yummy breakfast dish. The kids are bound to love it. This is a no-brainer recipe that is perfect for lazy Sunday mornings, when a
Egg Pakora Egg are one of the most nutritious foods available anywhere in the world. These are also called Egg Pakoda or Egg Bonda. They contain a bit of ever

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