378 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "B". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with B.

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Name Gender Meaning
Baabul Boy Fatherly figure
Baadal Boy Cloud
Baalaark Boy The rising sun
Baalaji Boy The strong kind person
Baalkrishan Boy Young krishna
Baanbhatt Boy Name of an ancient poet
Baani Girl Goddess saraswati
Baanke Bihaari Boy Name of krishna
Baaskaran Boy One who shines like the sun
Babala Boy Above
Baban Boy One who conquers
Babbi Girl Babi
Babby Girl Brightness
Babeesh Boy Diplomatic and kind person
Babhravi Boy The colour of earth, one who is loyal to his promises
Babhulkar Boy Courageous one
Babi Girl One who uses wisdom
Babin Boy  
Babita Girl The unknown or strange person
Babitarani Girl Young girl
Babitha Girl  
Babithra Girl Pure young female child
Babjan Boy Lively person
Babji Boy Independent
Babli Girl  
Bablo Boy Young smart boy
Babudas Boy Honest devotee of a great person
Babul Boy  
Babulal Boy Beautiful
Babumohan Boy Quick to take decision
Baburaj Boy One who can influence people
Bachira Boy One who guides
Bachu Boy Childish innocence
Badal Boy Cloud
Badam Boy Brave person
Badari Boy Powerful like Lord Vishnu
Badarinath Boy The lord at Badari; the abode of lord at Badari; a name of Vishnu
Badhusa Boy Sweet personality
Badre Boy Light hearted person
Badri Boy Lord vishnu
Badrinadh Boy Lord of Mount Badri
Badrinarayan Boy Another name for Lord Vishnu
Badrinath Boy Lord vishnu
Badriprasad Boy Goft of badri
Badrulla Boy Ambitious and religious person
Bageshri Girl Name of a indian music raaga.
Baghyalakshmi Girl Woman of wealth
Bagirath Boy One who rides a chariot
Bagyaraj Boy Lucky one
Bahnnisikha Girl One who lashes fire
Bahubali Boy A jain tirthankar
Bahugandha Girl One with lot of scent, bud of champa flower
Bahula Girl A Star
Bahuleya Boy Lord kartikeya
Bahuleyan Boy Another name for Lord Murugan
Bahuliya Boy Lord kartikeya
Bahumanya Boy Honoured by many
Bahumanyam Boy Idealistic man
Bahurai Boy With great riches
Bahwani Girl Another name for Goddess Durga
Baidehi Girl An alternative name for Sita
Baidyanath Boy Master of medicines
Baiju Boy An alternative name for Shiva
Bailanie Boy Independent person
Baira Boy Courageous one
Bairavi Girl Lady who is brave
Baireddy Boy Creative by heart
Baisakhi Girl Will gain a lot of goodness
Baishakh Girl Lucky person
Baishakhi Girl  
Baiwab Boy Bhagawan shiva's name
Baizura Boy One who looks for change
Bajeesh Boy Born to Win
Bajrang Boy Lord hanuman's name
Bajrangi Boy A fighter
Bakibulla Boy Owner of a humble heart
Bakiyaraj Boy Blessed lucky boy
Bakool Boy Flower
Bakul Boy A kind of tree
Bakula Girl Nagakeshar flower
Bala Girl Young girl, ear- ring
Balaaditya Boy Young sun
Balaasundaram Boy Good looking boy
Balabalaji Boy Youthful lad
Balachakravarthy Boy One who gives solutions to problems
Balachandan Boy Blessed by the moon
Balachandar Boy Young moon
Balachandra Boy Young moon
Balachandran Boy  
Baladarshini Girl Beautiful, blessed girl
Baladasan Boy Obedient child
Balaganesan Boy Lovable child
Balagirish Boy One who obeys Lord Shiva
Balagopal Boy Infant krishna
Balagovind Boy Infant krishna
Balaji Boy Lord vishnu
Balakrishna Boy Young krishna
Balakrishnan Boy  
Balamani Boy Young jewel
Balamohan Boy One who is attractive
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