334 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "C". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with C.

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Name Gender Meaning
Cakshaya Girl White Rose indicating simplicity
Canaka Girl Gold
Cariappa Boy Good natured personality, a person who is dark
Carshavardhan Boy A man who creates joy
Caturasva Boy It means a horse owner
Caturnana Boy A lovable, humorous boy
Cauvery Girl Name of a river in india
Cavery Girl Name of a river in india
Cedija Boy The one who is the  Son Of Cedi
Cekitana Boy An Intelligent person who follows Lord Shiva
Cetrama Boy One who is aware of his surroundings
Chaaduryan Boy A meticulous protector
Chaanakya Boy Name of kautilya, the great scholar
Chaantanu Boy A loving and religious person
Chaaruchandra Boy Beautilful moon
Chaarudatt Boy Born of beauty
Chaaruhaas Boy With beautiful smile
Chaarvik Boy One for all
Chabi Girl Radiance, a positive person
Chabindra Girl Gives value to relations
Chabra Girl Name of a clan in Punjab
Chada Boy A refined diplomat
Chadana Girl Creative, sweet girl
Chadini Girl Talented person
Chadna Girl Love
Chadra Boy Moon
Chadrashekhar Boy Crown or crest
Chadrika Girl Easily adaptable to situations in life
Chadrima Girl Simple and beautiful like the moon
Chaduvula Boy Knowledgable one
Chaeralathan Boy The leader of Chera community
Chaganti Boy Friendly person
Chaggan Boy Indicates the master of a clan 
Chahak Girl Lovable person
Chahana Girl Desire , affection
Chahel Boy Good cheer
Chailish Boy King of Mountains
Chain Boy Peace
Chaina Girl Peace lover
Chairavali Girl Full moon of chaitra month
Chaisaran Boy An individual who is obedient to his folks
Chaitalee Girl Girl born in month of chaitra
Chaitali Girl Girl born in month of chaitra
Chaitaly Girl Name of an ancient city
Chaitan Boy Consciousness
Chaitanya Boy Consciousness
Chaithanya Girl  
Chaithra Girl The beginning of good things
Chaithvika Girl Clever and well planned in business
Chaitra Girl  
Chakor Boy A bird that loves the moon
Chakori Girl A bird enamored of the moon
Chakraborty Boy Emperor
Chakradev Boy Lord vishnu
Chakradhar Boy Name of lord vishnu
Chakradhwaj Boy The one who owns the wheel
Chakrapaani Boy Name of lord vishnu
Chakravartee Boy A sovereign king
Chakravarthi Boy King
Chakresh Boy Name of lord vishnu
Chakri Boy A wheel holder
Chakrika Girl Lakshmi
Chakshan Boy  
Chakshu Boy Eye
Chalan Boy Cool headed person
Chalani Girl Cool headed girl
Chalapaka Boy A gift to earth
Chalapathi Boy An inspirational character
Chaman Boy Flowering garden
Chamanlal Boy Garden
Chameli Girl Creeper with sweet scented flower
Champ Girl Flower
Champa Girl Fragrant flower / pagoda tree
Champabati Girl The capital
Champak Boy A flower
Champaka Boy The one who is as beautiful as a flower
Champakali Girl A bud of champa
Champakavathi Girl Owner of champak trees
Champakmala Girl A garland made of champa flowers
Champamalini Girl Garland of champa flower
Champika Girl Little champa flower
Champion Boy A warrior ; the victor
Chamu Boy Hardworking person
Chamundrai Boy A traditional name of a King from Karnataka- King Gangraj
Chan Boy A level headed individual
Chanaakya Boy Great scholar
Chanak Boy Father of chaanakya
Chanakya Boy Bright
Chanasya Girl Delighting
Chanchal Boy Active
Chanchala Girl Unsteady, goddess lakshmi, lightening
Chanchalpreet Boy The lively personality loved by all
Chanchareek Boy Bee
Chanchari Girl Bird, vortex of water,
Chand Boy Moon that shines
Chanda Girl Moon
Chandak Boy The moon
Chandaka Boy One who rides the chariot
Chandalini Girl Glorious
Chandan Boy Sandlewood
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