177 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "I". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with I.

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Name Gender Meaning
Ibha Girl Elephant
Ibhanan Boy Lord ganesh
Ichaa Boy Desire
Ichcha Girl Ichcha means wish or desire
Ichchha Girl Ichchha means desire or need
Ichita Girl A variant of the name Ishita which means desired one
Idaspati Boy God of rain -vishnu
Idhant Boy Luminous
Idhika Girl Another name for parvathi
Idhitri Girl One who praises
Idhriti Girl Hindu word meaning 'one who has a optimistic attitude'
Idhyah Boy The name means 'praiseworthy' in Sanskrit.
Iditri Girl The one who can compliment others
Iha Girl The earth
Ihina Girl Enthusiasm
Ihit Boy One who is honored
Ihita Girl The fierce beauty of Earth
Ihitha Girl Desired
Ijay Boy Lord vishnu
Ijaya Girl The one who offers divine education like a teacher
Ijya Boy The name also has the meaning 'dispeller of evil minded enemies'.
Ikesh Boy Unique
Ikjeet Boy It is a Sikh name that means victorious
Ikshan Boy Sight
Ikshana Girl Sight
Ikshit Boy One who does actions that are visible to all
Ikshitha Girl Ikshitha is a girls name that means visible
Ikshu Boy Sugarcane
Iksura Girl  Name of a fragrant grass 
Ila Girl Water , earth, daughter of manu
Ilakiya Girl Skilled
Ilakiyen Boy Tamil name that means, one who has literary skills
Ilamaran Boy Brave Young Man
Ilamathi Boy Brave Young Woman
Ilamayil Girl Tamil name that means beautiful young peacock
Ilango Boy Name of a Chera prince
Ilashpasti Boy Lord of the earth
Ilavalagan Boy Attractive Man
Ilavarasan Boy Ilavarasan is a Tamil boy's name that means prince
Ilavarasi Girl Attractive Woman
Ilayaraj Boy Prince
Ilayaraja Boy Ilayaraja is a Tamil name that means prince
Ilesh Boy Lord of earth
Ilisa Boy King of the earth
Imaran Boy Having great strength
Impana Girl One With Sweet Voice
Ina Boy Lord surya
Inaaya Girl Empathy
Inakanta Boy Beloved of sun
Inbagani Girl Sweet Girl
Inbanathan Boy Tamil name for sweet boy
Inbavalli Girl Tamil name that means, happy girl
Indarmeet Boy Friend of the almighty God
Indarpal Boy Preserver Of God
Indarpreet Boy Love For God
Indarprem Boy Love For God
Indeela Girl Indeela refers to a nightingale.
Indeevar Boy It is used to denote a blue lotus
Indeever Boy Blue lotus
Inder Kant Boy Inderkant refers to Lord Indra
Indermaan Boy Respect for God
Indhu Girl  
Indhuja Girl  
Indhumathi Girl Refers to a full moon
Indira Girl Goddess lakshmi
Indiran Boy Hindu name  that means the sun
Indiresh Boy This is another name for Lord Vishnu
Indivar Boy Lord vishnu
Indra Boy God of the skies
Indraarjun Boy Bright and brave indra
Indrabh Boy Light of Lord Indra
Indrachap Boy Indrachap means 'rainbow'
Indradatt Boy Gift of indra
Indradhanush Boy Indradhanush means, 'rainbow'
Indraditya Boy God of the heavens
Indradutt Boy Gift of indra
Indradyumn Boy Splendour of indra
Indragop Boy Glow of Lord Indra
Indraini Girl Indraini means Indra’s Beloved Wife
Indrajeet Boy Conqueror
Indrajit Boy Victor over indra
Indrajith Boy  
Indrakanta Girl Indrani ( shachi )
Indrakshi Girl One having beautiful eyes
Indran Boy Another name of Lord Indra
Indraneel Boy Emerald
Indrani Girl Wife of lord indra
Indrasen Boy Eldest of the pandavas
Indrasena Unisex In sanskrit, the name means Army of Indra; Name of Son and Daughter of king Nala and Damayanti
Indrasuta Boy Son of indra
Indratan Boy As strong as indra
Indratha Girl Power and dignity of indra
Indravadan Boy  
Indravathi Girl It is an Indian river
Indrayani Girl A holy river
Indresh Boy Indresh means, 'Lord Indra'
Indrina Girl Indrina was the name of Nala and Damayanti's daughter in Hindu mythology
Indu Girl Moon
Indubala Girl Indubala means daughter of the moon
Indubhusan Boy Denotes Lord Shiva
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