1755 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "S". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with S.

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Name Gender Meaning
Saachi Girl Truth
Saagar Boy Ocean
Saajan Boy Beloved
Saakaar Boy Manifestation of god
Saaketh Boy Lord krishna
Saana Girl  
Saania Girl A moment in time preserved
Saaniya Girl A moment in time preserved
Saaniyah Girl A moment in time preserved
Saanjh Boy Evening
Saanvi Girl Godess laxmi
Saanya Girl A moment in time preserved
Saaras Boy Swan
Saatatya Boy Never ending
Saatvik Boy Pious
Saatvika Girl Calm
Sabal Boy With strength
Sabari Boy  
Sabarinathan Boy Lord ayyapa
Sabarish Boy  
Sabhya Boy Civilized
Sabita Girl Beautiful sunshine
Sabith Boy  
Sabitha Girl  
Sabnam Girl  
Sabrang Boy Rainbow
Sabu Boy  
Sacchidananda Boy Total bliss
Sachchit Boy Lord brahma
Sachet Boy Consciosness
Sachetan Boy Rational
Sachh Boy The truth
Sachi Girl Wife of lord indra
Sachin Boy Lord shiva
Sachish Boy Lord indra
Sachit Boy Joyful
Sachita Girl Consciousness
Sachiv Boy The name of Sanskrit origin means 'friend'.
Sadabindu Boy Lord vishnu
Sadana Girl  
Sadanand Boy Ever joyous
Sadananda Boy  
Sadar Boy Respectful
Sadashiv Boy Pure
Sadashiva Boy Eternally pure
Sadasivam Boy  
Sadavir Boy Ever courageous
Sadeepan Boy Lit up
Sadgati Girl Liberation
Sadgun Boy Virtues
Sadguna Girl Good virtues
Sadhan Boy Fulfulment
Sadhana Girl The Sanskrit origin name means 'accomplishment, performance, worship or adoration'.
Sadhika Girl Achiever
Sadhil Boy Perfect
Sadhri Girl Conqueror
Sadhya Girl Perfection
Sadiva Boy Eternal
Sadru Boy Lord vishnu
Safal Boy Succeed
Saffar Boy Coppersmith
Sagan Boy Lord shiva
Sagar Boy Sea, ocean
Sagardutt Boy Gift of ocean
Sagari Girl Of the ocean
Sagarika Girl  
Sagnika Girl  
Sagun Boy Auspicious gift, omen
Saguna Boy Possessed of good qualities
Sahaj Boy Easy
Sahara Boy Lord shiva
Saharsh Boy With joy
Sahas Boy Brave
Sahasra Girl  
Sahasrad Boy Lord shiva
Sahastrabahu Boy One with thousand arms
Sahastrajit Boy Victor of thousands
Sahasya Boy Mighty
Sahat Boy Stong
Sahay Boy Help
Sahaya Boy Lord shiva
Sahdev Boy One of the pandava princes
Saheli Girl A beloved friend
Sahen Boy Falcon
Sahib Boy The lord
Sahishnu Boy Lord vishnu
Sahit Boy Bounded
Sahithi Girl  
Sai Boy Flower
Sai Charan Boy  
Sai Kiran Boy  
Sai Prasad Boy  
Sai Priya Boy  
Sai Satpurusha Boy Virtuous, pious, venerable one.
Sai Teja Boy  
Saiamartya Boy Immortal, shirdi sai baba
Saicharan Boy  
Saideep Boy A name for sai baba
Saija Boy  
Saijeevadhara Boy Support of all living beings
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