519 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "R". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with R.

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Name Gender Meaning
Raahi Boy Traveller
Raajaa Boy King
Raajeev Boy Blue lotus
Raajeevalochan Boy Who has blue lotus eyes
Raajyashree Boy Propriety of a king
Raakaa Boy Day of the full moon
Raakesh Boy Lord of the night
Raakhi Girl Symbol of protection ;full moon in the sravan month
Raam Boy Lord rama, god, supreme spirit
Raam-datt Boy Gift of rama
Raamaanuj Boy Younger brother of rama
Raavee Unisex A person of brilliant character
Raayan Boy The name has many origins. The Arabic version means ‘gates of paradise/heaven’. In Sanskrit, the name means 'little prince' while the name stands for'graceful' in Jewish.
Raaz Boy He who holds a lot of secrets
Rabin Boy  
Rachana Girl Born of the creation
Rachany Girl Rachany means dusk or  night
Rachit Boy Invention
Rachna Girl Construction, arrangement
Rachvik Boy  
Radha Girl Lord krishna's lover, also means prosperity, nature
Radhak Boy Liberal
Radhakanta Boy Lord krishna
Radhakrishna Boy Radha and lord krishna
Radhakrishnan Boy  
Radhana Girl Speech
Radhani Girl Worship
Radhatanaya Boy Son of radha
Radhavallabh Boy Lord krishna
Radhesh Boy A name for lord krishna
Radheshyam Boy Lord krishna
Radhey Boy Karna
Radheya Boy Karna, foster son of radha
Radhika Girl Radha, lover of lord krishna;Prosperous
Ragavan Boy  
Raghav Boy Lord rama
Raghava Boy  
Raghavan Boy  
Raghavendra Boy Lord rama
Raghavendran Boy  
Raghbir Boy  
Raghotham Boy Greatest of all
Raghu Boy An ancient king of avadh
Raghukumara Boy Lord ram
Raghunandan Boy Lord rama
Raghunath Boy Lord rama
Raghupati Boy Lord rama
Raghuram Boy  
Raghuveer Boy Lord rama
Raghuvir Boy Lord rama
Ragin Boy  
Ragini Girl A Melody
Ragul Boy  
Ragupathi Boy Master of Speed; Name of an ancient King whose descendant was Lord Rama
Rahas Boy Merriment, delight
Rahul Boy An efficient person
Raima Girl Pleasing; rama of the axe
Raivata Boy A manu
Raivath Boy Wealthy
Raj Boy King
Raja Boy King-queen
Rajagopal Boy  
Rajagopalan Boy  
Rajah Unisex A king
Rajak Boy Illuminating
Rajakumari Girl  
Rajalakshmi Girl Goddess lakshmi
Rajan Boy King
Rajaneesh Boy God of night -moon
Rajani Girl Night
Rajanigandha Girl Scented flower
Rajanikant Boy Sun, lord of night
Rajanikanta Boy Moon
Rajanikanth Boy  
Rajanya Boy Kingly
Rajaram Boy  
Rajarshi Boy The king
Rajas Boy Arising from passion
Rajasekar Boy  
Rajasekaran Boy  
Rajasekhar Boy  
Rajashekar Boy  
Rajashekhar Boy  
Rajashree Girl  
Rajashri Girl King's pride, ornament
Rajasi Girl Worthy of a king, goddesss durga
Rajat Boy Silver
Rajata Boy Sovereignty
Rajatanabhi Boy Very rich. lord vishnu
Rajatshubhra Boy White as silver
Rajbharath Boy  
Rajdeep Boy Best of kings
Rajeesh Boy Ruler of Kings; Emperor;
Rajeev Boy Blue lotus
Rajeevalochana Boy Lotus-eyed, lord rama
Rajender Boy  
Rajendra Boy King
Rajendra Prasad Boy  
Rajendrakumar Boy King
Rajendramohan Boy King
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