39 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "Z". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with Z.

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Name Gender Meaning
Zahin Boy  
Zaiden Boy  
Zaitra Girl A precious gift 
Zaiyaan Boy One who is full of life; graceful
Zamrakta Boy Charming
Zankrut Boy One who is considered auspicious; a queen
Zansi Girl A courageous and daredevil lady
Zantarava Boy Auspicious
Zantra Girl To rise to the highest point
Zarann Boy Flow of water
Zarmin Boy Lucky
Zarna Girl A variation of the name Jharna. It means flow of water
Zarveen Boy He who is an expert
Zaurasthra Boy One who is like the God
Zavian Boy The name means 'light' in Arabic.
Zaw Unisex The name is the Burmese word for saint or practitioner 
Zeba Girl  
Zehaan Boy  
Zenisha Girl God is graceful;
Zeshan Boy One with high dignity and splendid standard
Zevesh Boy One who is powerful and full of wisdom
Zeyar Boy One who excels in everything
Zhamak Girl One who glows and spreads light
Zhindhu Girl One who is considered as the peace Of The World
Zibnath Boy One who is immovable
Zikomo Boy Thanksgiving
Zilmil Girl One whose light shines; sparkles as stars
Zinal Girl A loving and beautiful person
Zisyarupin Boy Having the appearance of a scholar
Zitin Boy A  bright ray of light
Zobhana Boy Brilliant
Zol Girl Blessings Of God
Zola Boy Meaning uncertain
Zravasya Boy Fame , glory
Zrimat Boy Charming , lovely , pleasant , splendid
Zubhasamanvit Boy Endowed with beauty
Zubhatmaka Boy Charming
Zue Girl One who is charming and lovely
Zyvana Girl Name Of Goddess
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