472 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "N". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with N.

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Name Gender Meaning
Naabhi Boy Centre of body, an ancient king
Naag Boy A big serpent
Naag-raaj Boy King of the serpents
Naagarjun Boy An ancient philosopher
Naagdhar Boy One who wears cobra
Naagendra Boy King of the serpents
Naagesh Boy God of serpents ( sheshnaag )
Naagpal Boy Saviour of serpents
Naagpati Boy King of serpents ( vaasuki )
Naagraj Boy It means the King of Serpents
Naakesh Boy Moon
Naamahar Boy He will be known by this special name
Naamanand Boy A prominent person by virtue of his name
Naamdev Boy Name of a saint
Naamgeet Boy A name that is always remembered
Naanak Boy First sikh guru
Naaraayan Boy The refuge of man
Naarad Boy An ancient sage
Naavya Girl One who is youthful
Nabanita Girl  
Nabendu Boy New moon
Nabhanya Girl Celestial
Nabhanyu Boy Eternal
Nabhendu Boy New moon
Nabhi Boy The best
Nabhij Boy Lord brahama
Nabhith Boy Fearless
Nabhitha Girl Fearless
Nabhoj Boy Born in sky
Nabhomani Boy Jewel of the sky (sun)
Nabhya Boy Lord shiva
Nachik Boy A short form of nachiketa
Nachiket Boy Son of vajashravas
Nachiketa Boy An ancient sage, fire
Nachni Girl Dancer ; suggestive look
Nadeen Boy Ocean
Nadeesh Boy God of river (ocean)
Nadish Boy Ocean
Naga Boy  
Nagajyothi Girl  
Nagalakshmi Girl  
Nagamani Boy  
Naganandini Girl Mountain born
Naganika Girl Serpent maiden
Nagaraj Boy  
Nagaraja Boy  
Nagarajan Boy  
Nagaraju Boy  
Nagaratna Girl  
Nagarin Boy Lord of a town
Nagarjun Boy Best among the snakes
Nagarjuna Boy  
Nagashree Girl  
Nagavalli Girl  
Nagaveni Girl  
Nagdhar Boy One who adornes mountain
Nagendra Boy Lord of mountains ( himalaya )
Nagendran Boy  
Nagesh Boy King of all Serpants in Hindu mythology;
Nagesha Boy  
Nageshwaran Boy King of Serpants
Nageswara Boy Serpant King
Naggar Boy Lord krishna
Nagma Girl  
Nagpal Boy Saviour of serpents
Nagraj Boy Nagraj means,"Lord of the Nagas" or serpent king
Nahush Boy The ancient word of Sanskrit origin means 'neighbour or kindred' 'fellow man'. It is another name given to Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu as reference to the illusive powers or maya to confound every being.
Nahusha Boy A mythological king
Naima Girl The modern name means 'belonging to one or striving for the absolute' and 'blessing' in Sanskrit.
Naimish Boy  
Nain Boy Eye
Naina Girl Eyes
Nainika Girl  
Nairit Boy South-west
Naishadh Boy Legendary king of nishadha
Nakhraj Boy Moon
Naksatraraja Boy King of stars
Nakshathra Girl  
Nakshatra Boy Star
Nakul Boy Twin brother of sahdev
Nakula Girl Goddess parvati
Nal Boy An ancient king
Nalesh Boy King of flowers
Nalin Boy Lotus
Nalina Girl  
Nalinaksh Boy Lotus -eyed
Nalinaksha Boy Lotus-eyed
Nalini Girl Lotus;Mother Of The Vedas
Nalinikant Boy Husband of lotus, ( sun)
Nallamothu Boy  
Naman Boy The name of Hindi and Hebrew origin means 'salutations', 'be kind'.
Namasyu Boy Bowing
Nambi Boy Self confident
Namdev Boy Poet, saint
Namish Boy Lord vishnu
Namit Boy Bowed down, modest
Namita Girl Modest;Devotee
Namitha Girl  
Namrata Girl Modesty
Namratha Girl  
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