345 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "T". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with T.

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Name Gender Meaning
Taaj Unisex One who is crowned
Taan Unisex The strength to do an act ethically
Taarank Boy Savious
Tabu Girl One who excels at everything
Taha Boy Pure
Tahoma Boy Someone who is different with a cute personality
Tajdar Boy Corwned
Taksa Boy A son of bharata
Taksh Boy The name means 'a great champion' in Sanskrit.
Taksha Boy King bharat's son
Takshak Boy A cobra
Taksheel Boy Someone with a strong character
Takshil Boy One with a strong character.
Talaketu Boy Bhishma pitamaha
Talank Boy Lord shiva
Talikha Girl Nightingale
Talin Boy Lord shiva
Talish Boy Lord of earth
Tamal Boy A tree with very dark bark
Tamali Girl A tree with very dark bark
Tamalika Girl Belonging to a place full of tamal
Tamana Girl One who is desired
Tamanna Girl One who is desired
Tamas Boy Darkness
Tamasa Girl A river ; darkness
Tamasi Girl Night
Tamila Boy Sun
Tamilarasan Boy  
Tamilarasi Girl  
Tamilselvam Boy  
Tamilselvan Boy  
Tamilselvi Girl  
Tamilvanan Boy  
Tamish Boy God of darkness (moon)
Tamkinat Boy Pomp
Tamoghna Boy Lord vishnu; lord shiva
Tamonash Boy Destroyer of ignorance
Tana Boy Issue
Tanak Boy Prize
Tanan Boy A happy and cheerful soul.
Tanas Boy He who is humble 
Tanav Boy Flute
Tanay Boy Son
Tanaya Girl Daughter
Tanika Girl Rope
Tanima Girl Slenderness
Tanish Boy Ambition
Tanishka Girl  
Tanishq Boy Jewel
Taniya Girl  
Tanmay Boy Absorbed
Tanmayi Girl Ecstasy
Tanmoijyoti Boy One who is a happy soul.
Tanmoy Boy One who is completely engrossed in God.
Tannishtha Girl Dedicated
Tannistha Girl Devoted
Tannu Girl  
Tansh Boy One who is a beautiful being
Tanu Girl From the river
Tanuj Boy Son
Tanuja Girl Daughter
Tanuka Girl Slender
Tanul Boy  
Tanulata Girl Slim ( creeper - like body)
Tanupa Girl Hunger
Tanush Boy Lord shiva
Tanusha Girl  
Tanushree Girl  
Tanushri Girl Beauty
Tanusree Girl  
Tanvee Girl Slender and beautiful woman
Tanvi Girl A delicate girl
Tanvir Boy Strong
Tapan Boy Hot season
Tapani Girl River Godavari
Tapas Boy Sun
Tapasendra Boy Lord shiva
Tapasi Girl A female ascetic
Tapasranjan Boy Lord vishnu
Tapaswini Girl  
Tapasya Girl Meditation
Tapati Girl In mythology , the daughter of the sun god
Tapendra Boy Lord of heat (sun)
Tapesh Boy The holy trinity
Tapeshwar Boy Lord shiva
Tapi Girl Name of river
Tapni Girl Godavari river in india
Tapomay Boy Full of moral virtue
Taporaj Boy Moon
Tapti Girl Same as tapi, daughter of sun
Tara Girl Star
Tarachand Boy Star
Tarachandra Boy Star & moon
Taradhish Boy Lord of the stars
Tarak Boy Protector
Taraka Girl Star
Tarakesh Boy Stary hair
Tarakeshwar Boy Lord shiva
Tarakeshwari Girl Goddess parvati
Tarakini Girl Starry night
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