166 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "Y". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with Y.

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Name Gender Meaning
Yaachan Boy It is a prayer or request
Yaad Girl He who remembers or calls on the name of the Lord
Yaadav Boy One who is the descendant of Hindu King Yadu; Another name of Lord Krishna
Yaadinder Boy One who remembers God
Yaadroop Boy A loyal devotee of the Lord
Yaagnik Boy  
Yaagnya Girl A ritual sacrifice to appease the gods
Yaaja Boy One who is the king of all; Another name of Lord Shiva
Yaalini Girl One who is melodious
Yaamini Girl Night or nocturnal
Yaashvan Boy Yaashvan is a boy's name that means winner
Yaashvardhan Boy One who is full of glory
Yaathith Boy The first ray of the sun; Another name of Lord Shiva
Yadana Girl A precious gem
Yadanar Girl A precious gem like a diamond
Yadav Boy Particular community related to lord krishna
Yadavaprakasa Boy One who is compassionate and tender;Another name of Lord Krishna
Yadavendra Boy Leader of the yadavas
Yadavesvara Boy One who is widely revered; Another name of Lord Krishna
Yadavi Girl One who is vast and powerful; Another name of  Goddess Durga
Yadawa Boy One who is supreme; Another name Of Lord Krishna
Yadhokshaja Boy Name of lord vishnu
Yadhu Boy One who gives or grants blessings; Another name of   Lord Krishna
Yadnya Boy An anointed fire from the heaven
Yadnyesh Boy One who is the lord of life
Yadu Boy An ancient king
Yadunandan Boy Son of yadu, krishna
Yadunath Boy Lord krishna
Yaduraj Boy Lord krishna
Yadutam Boy One who is beloved and precious; Another name of Lord Krishna
Yaduvir Boy Lord krishna
Yadvinder Boy A saint of God;One who has great belief
Yagna Boy Ceremonial rites to god
Yagnesh Boy  
Yagnik Boy One who performs yagna; a pure soul
Yagya Boy Sacrifice
Yagyasen Boy Name of king drupad
Yagyesh Boy Lord fo the sacrificial fire
Yahvi Girl Heaven; earth
Yaj Boy A sage
Yajat Boy Lord shiva
Yajna Girl Worship
Yajnadhar Boy Lord vishnu
Yajnarup Boy Lord krishna
Yajnesh Boy Lord vishnuyakootah emerald
Yaksh Boy Yaksh  is a representative of God,
Yaksha Boy A type of a demi-god
Yakshini Girl The feminine form of the Yaksha means 'mysterious or supernatural'.
Yakshit Boy One who exists forever
Yakshita Girl Yakshita means a wonderful girl
Yakshitha Girl Yakshita means a wonderful girl
Yamahil Boy Lord vishnu
Yamajit Boy Lord shiva
Yamajith Boy Another name for shiva
Yamal Boy One of two twins
Yami Girl Light in Dark;Twinkling Star
Yamika Girl Night
Yamini Girl Night
Yamir Boy Moon
Yamuna Girl The jamuna river
Yamuni Girl One who is active at night
Yamya Girl Night
Yansh Boy One who is like God
Yarzar Boy A mighty ruler
Yash Boy Fame
Yasha Girl  
Yashas Boy Fame
Yashaswini Girl  
Yashavini Girl One who is blessed with success; Another name of Goddess Laxmi
Yashawanthi Girl With great fame
Yashawini Girl Successful lady
Yashika Girl Success;One who is successful
Yashila Girl Famous
Yashita Girl Successful
Yashmit Boy Famed
Yashoda Girl One who is destined to succeed
Yashodev Boy Lord of fame
Yashodha Girl  
Yashodhan Boy Rich in fame
Yashodhar Boy Famous
Yashodhara Girl Wife of gautama buddha
Yashomati Girl Successful lady
Yashovardhana Boy  
Yashovarman Boy  
Yashpal Boy Lord krishna
Yashraj Boy King of fame
Yashvasin Boy The popular. lord ganesha
Yashvi Girl Fame
Yashwant Boy One who has achieved glory
Yashwanth Boy  
Yasika Girl One who is successful
Yasodhanandha Boy A graceful and compassionate soul; Another name of Lord Krishna
Yasti Boy Slim
Yaswanth Boy  
Yatan Boy  
Yatharth Boy Original and unchanged meaning
Yathavan Boy Lord vishnu
Yatheesh Boy One who reigns; a leader or master
Yatin Boy Ascetic
Yatindra Boy Lord indra
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