161 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "U". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with U.

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Name Gender Meaning
Ubhay Boy A true blessing
Ucathya Boy One who is worthy of praise
Uchadev Boy Lord vishnu
Uchit Boy Correct
Uchith Boy The one who loves perfection
Udant Boy Correct message
Udar Boy Generous
Udarathi Boy Lord vishnu
Udarchis Boy Lord shiva
Udarsh Boy Brimming
Uday Boy Sunrise
Udaya Girl Dawn
Udayachal Boy Eastern horizon
Udayan Boy Rising ; name of king of avanti
Udayasooriyan Boy One who is like the rising sun
Udaykiran Boy  
Udbal Boy Mighty
Udbhav Boy To arise from , creation
Uddhar Boy One who is free ; an independent man
Uddhav Boy Lord krishna's friend
Uddip Boy Giving light
Uddiran Boy Lord vishnu
Uddish Boy Lord shiva
Uddiyan Boy Flying speed
Uddunath Boy Lord of stars
Udeep Boy Flood
Udhay Boy  
Udit Boy Arisen
Udita Girl One who has risen
Uditi Girl The ancient Sanskrit word Uditi means 'the rising sun'.
Udu Boy Water
Udupati Boy Lord of stars
Uduraj Boy Lord of stars
Udyam Boy Action
Udyan Boy Garden
Udyati Girl One who is highly exalted
Ugresh Boy Lord shiva
Ujagar Boy Bright
Ujas Boy First light
Ujawala Girl A bright faced angel
Ujendra Boy Conqueror
Ujesh Boy One who gives light
Ujhala Girl A bright light; One who brings illuminates life
Ujjal Boy A bright personality
Ujjanini Girl An ancient city
Ujjay Boy Victorious
Ujjwal Boy Bright clarity
Ujjwala Girl Bright, lustrous
Ujjwala/ujvala Girl One who is like an angel; Bright faced
Ujval Boy Splenderous
Ujwal Boy Bright
Ujwala Girl Bright
Ukesh Boy Gift of God
Ukti Girl The name is of Sanskrit origin means 'speech, saying or sentence'.
Ulaganathan Boy  
Ulhas Boy A source of happiness
Ulka Girl Mateorite
Ullas Boy Light
Ullasit Boy One who is brilliant, splendid and Joyous
Ullasitha Girl One who is joyful
Ulmuk Boy Lord indra
Ulupi Girl Name of arjun's wife
Uma Mahesh Boy  
Umadevi Girl  
Umaid Boy One who inspires
Umakant Boy Lord shiva
Umakanta Boy Beloved Of Uma or Moonlight or Goddess Parvati
Umakar Boy A priceless gift
Umamaheswari Girl  
Umanand Boy Lord shiva
Umanant Boy Glorious one; Another name of Lord Shiva
Umang Boy Happiness
Umapathi Boy  
Umapati Boy Highly exalted; Another name of Lord Shiva or Consort Of Uma
Umaprasad Boy Blessing of goddess parvati
Umarani Girl  
Umashankar Boy Lord shiva
Umed Boy Wish
Umesh Boy Lord shiva
Umeshwar Boy Lord shiva
Umika Girl Goddess parvati
Unmaivilambi Boy One who is honest and full of life
Unmesh Boy Eternal happiness; joy
Unnabh Boy Highest
Unnat Boy Energized
Unnathi Girl Progress, high point, success
Unnati Girl Progress
Unnatish Boy Lord of progress
Unni Boy  
Unnikrishnan Boy  
Upada Girl A gift
Upadhriti Girl A Ray; Derived from Sanskrit language meaning 'ray of light'
Upagupta Boy Name of a buddhist monk
Upal Boy One who is strong and courageous
Upala Girl Sandy bank
Upama Girl Comparison
Upamanyu Boy Name of a devoted pupil
Upasana Girl Worship
Upendra Boy Lord vishnu
Upendranath Boy One who is regarded holy;Another name of Lord Vishnu
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