323 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "G". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with G.

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Name Gender Meaning
Gadhadhar Boy Name of lord vishnu
Gadin Boy Lord krishna
Gadiva Boy A powerful Arjunan bow
Gagan Boy Sky, heaven
Gagana Girl The sky
Gaganadipika Girl The lamp of the sky
Gaganasindhu Girl Ocean of the sky
Gagandeep Boy A lamp in the sky.
Gaganvihari Boy One who stays in heaven
Gagnesh Boy Lord shiva
Gajaadhar Boy Who can command an elephant
Gajagamini Girl Majestic- like an elephant's walk
Gajalakshmi Girl Lakshmi as graceful as an elephant
Gajanan Boy One with elephant face
Gajanand Boy Lord ganesh
Gajara Girl Garland of flowers
Gajbaahu Boy Who has strength of an elephant
Gajdant Boy Elephant teeth, ganesha
Gajendra Boy Elephant king
Gajendranath Boy Owner of gajendra
Gajkaran Boy Like ears of elephant
Gajpati Boy Master of elephant, ganesha
Gajra Girl Garland of flowers
Gajrup Boy Lord ganesh
Gajvadan Boy Name of lord ganesha
Gambheer Boy Deep, serious
Gamya Girl An expression of beauty
Ganak Boy An astrologer
Ganaka Boy One who calculates
Ganapathi Boy  
Ganapathy Boy  
Ganapati Boy Lord ganesh
Ganaraj Boy Lord of the clan
Ganav Boy An idealistic person
Ganavi Girl A righteous girl
Ganay Girl A friendly, happy person
Ganda Girl Knot
Gandesha Boy Lord of fragrance
Gandha Girl Fragrant
Gandhaa Boy A sweet smelling
Gandhali Girl Fragrance of flowers
Gandham Boy Lucky, sensible person
Gandhamalla Girl Girl who worships Lord Shiva
Gandhar Boy Fragrance
Gandhara Girl Fragrance
Gandharaj Boy King of fragrance
Gandhari Girl From gandhara
Gandharika Girl Preparing perfume
Gandharv Boy Master in musicgandhi sun
Gandharva Boy Celestial musician
Gandhi Boy Sun
Gandhik Boy Fragrance
Gandhini Girl Fragrant
Gandhodi Boy Ambitious, independent person
Gandira Boy Hero
Gandiva Boy The bow of arjuna
Ganeh Boy Person with a multitude of luck
Ganendra Boy Lord of a troop
Ganes Boy A confident self assured personality
Ganesa Girl Goddess of wisdom
Ganesan Boy Religious happy boy
Ganesh Boy Son of lord shiva/parvati
Ganeshan Boy  
Ganessa Girl Goddess of wisdom
Ganessin Boy Another alternative name for Lord Ganesh
Ganga Girl Indian river ganga ( bhagirathi, mandakini)
Gangadatt Boy Gift of the ganges
Gangadevi Girl  
Gangadhar Boy Shiva
Gangadharan Boy Talented, blessed person
Gangadutt Boy Gift of ganga
Gangesh Boy Lord shiva
Gangesha Boy Lord of ganga.
Gangeya Boy Son of river ganga
Gangi Girl Goddess durga
Gangika Girl River ganga
Gangol Boy A precious
Ganisha Boy Person of wisdom
Ganitha Girl Regarded
Ganjam Boy One who flourishes
Ganjan Boy Surpassing
Ganji Boy An analytical person
Gannaath Boy An epithet of shiva
Ganne Boy Creative person
Gannon Boy The god of silence
Ganpat Boy  
Garati Girl Virtuous woman
Garg Boy Name of a saint
Gargi Girl Name of a learned woman, goddes durga
Garima Girl Prowess, strength, honor
Garishma Girl A warm, loving person
Garisht Boy Heaviest
Garjan Boy Thunder
Garud Boy The king of birds, falcon
Garuda Boy The name of the legendary God who carried away Lord Vishnu
Garv Boy Pride
Gathika Girl Song
Gatik Boy Fast, progressive
Gatita Girl A river
Gauhar Girl A pearl
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