534 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "D". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with D.

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Name Gender Meaning
Daachayani Girl Goddess Durga
Daamini Girl Indian word for lightning
Daamodar Boy A name of krishna
Daamodhura Boy Lord Vishnu
Daanesh Boy knowledge,wisdom
Daaruk Boy Charioteer of krishna, tree
Daarun Boy Hard male hindu
Dabeet Boy Warrior
Dadasaheb Boy A person of honour
Dadhija Girl Daughter of milk
Dadhikra Boy  Dhadhikra is a divine celestial horse
Daevarshan Boy offering made to the Gods
Daevisha Girl means “Like Goddess”
Daha Boy Blazing , very bright
Dahana Boy A rudra
Daitya Boy A non aryan.
Daityas Boy A non aryan
Daivik Boy By the grace of God
Daivya Boy Divine
Daiwik Boy The name means ‘God’s grace’, 'divine' in Sanskrit.
Daksh Boy The name of Sanskrit origin means 'Competent'.
Daksha Girl It means, “Alerted one”
Dakshakanya Girl Able daughter
Dakshata Girl Skilled,talented
Dakshayani Girl Goddess Durga
Dakshesh Boy Name of lord shiva
Dakshi Boy The glorious
Dakshin Boy Indian word for south direction
Dakshina Girl It is an Indian word for south direction
Dakshinamoorthy Boy Incarnation of Shiva
Dakshinayan Boy Some movement of the sun
Dakshinesh Boy Lord Shiva
Dakshinya Girl Goddess Parvati
Dakshit Boy Lord Shiva
Dakshita Girl Another name of Lord Shiva
Dalaja Girl Produced from petals
Dalajit Boy Winning over a group
Dalbhya Boy Belonging to wheels
Dalpati Boy Commander of group
Daman Boy One who controls
Damayanthi Girl Name in hindu mythology
Damini Girl Lightning
Damodar Boy Lord krishna
Damodaran Boy  
Dampy Girl  
Damyanti Girl  
Danalakshmi Girl Goddess of wealth
Dandak Boy A forest
Dandapaani Boy An epithet for yama
Danesh Boy  
Danielle Boy God is my judge
Danish Boy One who is mercyful and foreseening
Daniya Girl Gazing
Danta Boy Calm. a name for lord hanuman
Danuj Boy Born of danu , a danava
Danush Boy  
Danvir Boy Charitable
Dany Boy  
Darika Girl Maiden
Dariya Girl Hindi word meaning river
Darma Girl Theuniversal law of order
Darman Boy It means remedy or medicine
Darmendra Boy King of Dharma, King of religion
Darmik Boy Gracious, benevolent and philanthropic
Darmika Girl Gracious, benevolent and philanthropic
Darpad Boy Lord shiva
Darpahan Boy Destroyer of selfishness or ego
Darpak Boy Kamdev, god of love
Darpan Boy Hindi word for mirror
Darpana Girl Hindi word for mirror
Darpanika Girl A small mirror
Darpita Girl Proud
Darsan Boy The sacred sight of a deity or a holy person
Darsana Girl The auspicious sight of a deity or a holy person
Darsaniya Boy One who captivates your attention
Darsh Boy Lord krishna
Darshak Boy Spectator
Darshan Boy Vision
Darshana Girl  
Darshangeet Boy Songs on godliness
Darsheel Boy Something that looks lovely 
Darshi Girl A mentor; guide
Darshika Girl The holy sight of a deity or a holy person
Darshil Boy Rose
Darshini Girl Gift of God ; Blessed Girl
Darshinika Girl Acquainted with the darshanas or philosophical systems
Darshish Boy Mighty; powerful
Darshit Boy One who sees the holy form of a deity
Darshita Girl Used to denote a pilgrim who waits to look at the holy form of a deity
Darshni Girl Used to denote a pilgrim who waits to look at the sacred form of a deity
Daru Boy Cedar tree
Daruka Boy Deodar tree
Daruna Boy One which is strong and hard as wood.
Daruyat Boy Desires and aspirations
Dasa Girl A slave ; a servant
Dasabahu Boy One who is armed in ten's.
Dasaketu Boy One who carries ten banners
Dasarad Boy  Dasarad was the king of Ayodhya 
Dasarna Boy Land of ten lakes
Dasharath Boy The father of lord rama
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