595 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "K". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with K.

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Name Gender Meaning
Kaajal Girl Eye-liner
Kaalappan Boy It is a South Indian name that is used to imply, "The father of time"
Kaalathi Boy A Tamil name that implies,'from the beginning of time'
Kaaliya Boy A huge serpent
Kaalki Boy One of many names of Lord Narayana 
Kaamaari Boy Sanskrit name that means, 'Enemy of lust'
Kaami Boy Wishes or Desires that are fulfilled are implied by the name Kaami
Kaamjaa Boy A pleasant and approachable person
Kaan Boy Rad
Kaanan Boy Forest
Kaanchana Girl Gold
Kaandhal Girl Attractive
Kaanishik Boy It is a variant of the name Kanishka. He was an ancient Indian King.
Kaapalin Boy A good natured person
Kaarikaa Boy Actress
Kaarmugilan Boy The meaning of the name is dark clouds. It is also used to mean Lord Krishna
Kaarmuhilan Boy A name that is used to imply Lord Krishna
Kaarti Boy Kaarti is the name of a month from the Hindu Calendar
Kaartikey Boy Son of Lord Shiva In Hindu Mythology
Kaartikeya Boy Son of shiva
Kaarvannan Boy Kaarvannan is an other name for Lord Krishna
Kaashi Unisex It is a Sanskrit name that means 'radiant'
Kaashinaath Boy Lord of kaashi
Kaashinath Boy It is one of the names of Lord Shiva, as the one who resides on Mount Kaashi
Kaashvi Girl A shining man
Kabal Boy Kabal means clever or intelligent
Kabeer Boy A spiritual leader
Kabilan Boy  
Kabir Boy Great personality
Kadamb Boy Name of a tree
Kadambari Girl Goddess saraswati, novel, nightingale bird ( the koel )
Kadambini Girl Clouds
Kaditula Boy Sword
Kahini Girl Young
Kailani Unisex Home of the lord
Kailas Boy From he silver mounain
Kailash Boy Abode of lord shiva
Kailashchandra Boy Lord shiva
Kailashnath Boy Lord shiva
Kairav Boy The name means 'white lotus' in Sanskrit.
Kaishori Girl Goddess parvati
Kaivalya Boy Perfect isolation
Kajal Girl Eye-liner
Kajjali Girl Eye-liner
Kajri Girl Cloud like
Kakali Girl Chiping of birds
Kal-hans Boy Swan
Kala Girl Art, also phase of moon
Kaladhar Boy One who shows different phases
Kalai Unisex  
Kalaiselvan Boy  
Kalaiselvi Girl  
Kalaivanan Boy  
Kalaivani Girl  
Kalaka Girl Blue
Kalanath Boy Moon
Kalanath Krishna Boy  
Kalandhika Girl Bestower of art
Kalanidhi Boy Moon, lord shiva
Kalap Boy Moon
Kalapi Girl Peacock, nightingale
Kalapini Girl Peacock, night
Kalapremi Girl Art lover
Kalapriya Boy Lover of art
Kalash Boy Sacred urn
Kalavathi Girl  
Kalavati Girl Goddess parvati, artist
Kaleecharan Boy Feet of goddess kali
Kali Girl Goddess durga, bud
Kalicharan Boy Feet of goddess kali
Kalidas Boy Servant of goddess kali
Kalika Girl Flower bud
Kalimohan Boy A devotee of goddess kali
Kalinda Girl Of he sun
Kalindi Girl Yamuna river
Kaling Boy A bird
Kalipada Boy A devotee of goddess kali
Kaliranjan Boy A devotee of goddess kali
Kalith Boy Understood
Kaliyan Girl A beautiful and auspicious woman
Kalkin Boy Tenth incarnation of god vishnu
Kalliyan Girl A beautiful and auspicious woman
Kallol Boy Shouts of joy
Kalpa Boy Able , fit
Kalpak Boy A heavenly tree
Kalpana Girl Imagination
Kalpanadevi Girl  
Kalpanath Boy  
Kalpesh Boy Lord of perfection
Kalpini Girl Night
Kalpit Boy  
Kalpita Girl Imagined
Kalyan Boy Welfare
Kalyani Girl Blissful, fortunate, also cow
Kalyann Girl A beautiful and auspicious woman
Kalynda Girl Of he sun
Kama Girl One who loves and is loved
Kamadev Boy God of love and passions
Kamadha Girl Granting desires
Kamakshi Girl One With Lotus Like Eyes
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