630 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "M". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with M.

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Name Gender Meaning
Maadhakrishnan Boy Devotee of Lord Shiva and Krishna
Maadhav Boy Another name of krishna
Maadhavan Boy Synonym of Lord Shiva
Maagh Boy Name of a hindu month
Maahesh Boy One who leads
Maahi Boy The great one
Maahika Girl The earth
Maal Girl Good looking
Maalav Boy  
Maali Girl A ruler ; the firstborn son
Maalin Boy A garland maker by profession
Maalolan Boy Name of deity in ahobilam
Maan Boy Mind
Maanas Boy Artistic and creative
Maanasa Girl  
Maanaveandraa Boy Masculine or brave character
Maandhata Boy An ancient king
Maanesh Boy One who studies the mind
Maani Boy One who hinders wrong
Maanraj Boy The heart and soul of a king
Maanusri Girl A leader by birth
Maanvi Girl Kind hearted person
Maanvir Boy The man who is fearless by heart
Maanya Girl A respected man
Maanyasri Boy A respectable honored person
Maanyata Unisex One who is living by principles 
Maaran Boy Brave and powerful Knight
Maartand Boy One who shines likes the Sun
Maartanda Boy A historical name of the king of Travancore
Maavalan Boy The wealthy and happy man
Maaya Boy A person who is true by heart
Machavalli Girl  
Machavaram Boy Dynamic personality
Madan Boy God of love
Madanapal Boy Lord of love
Madangopal Boy Lord krishna
Madanmohan Boy Attractive and lovable
Maderu Boy Worthy of praise
Madesh Boy Lord shiva
Madhan Boy  
Madhav Boy Lord krishna
Madhava Boy  
Madhavan Boy Lord shiva
Madhavdas Boy Servant of lord krishna
Madhavi Girl Sweet honey - like, also a flowering creeper
Madhavilata Girl A flowering creeper
Madhu Girl Honey, nectar
Madhubala Girl Sweet girl, honey -bee
Madhuban Boy Lord vishnu
Madhuchanda Boy Pleasing metrical composition
Madhuja Girl Made of honey
Madhuk Boy A honeybee
Madhukant Boy Moon
Madhukanta Boy The moon
Madhukar Boy A bee, lover
Madhuksara Girl One who showers honey
Madhula Girl Sweet
Madhulata Girl Sweet creeper
Madhulatha Girl  
Madhulekha Girl Beautiful
Madhulika Girl Flower nectar
Madhumalati Girl Flowering creeper
Madhumathi Girl  
Madhumati Girl Ganga river
Madhumay Boy Consisting of honey
Madhumita Girl Sweet girl
Madhumitha Girl  
Madhunisha Girl Pleasant night
Madhup Boy A bee
Madhur Boy Melodious
Madhur Girl Sweet
Madhura Girl Sweet
Madhuri Girl Sweet girl
Madhurima Girl Charming
Madhushri Girl Beauty of spring season
Madhusmita Girl  
Madhusoodan Boy Name of lord krishna
Madhusudan Boy Lord krishna
Madhusudhan Boy  
Madhusudhana Boy  
Madhusudhanan Boy  
Madhvi Girl The Sanskrit origin name Madhvi means 'sweet' 'honest'.
Madin Boy Delightful
Madira Girl Nectar
Madirakshi Girl Woman with intoxicating eyes
Madona Girl My lady ; refers to the virgin mary
Madri Girl Wife of pandu
Madur Boy Gentle, a soft peron, sweet
Madura Girl A bird
Magadh Boy Son of yadu
Magan Boy Engrossed
Magesh Boy  
Mahaadev Boy Another name of shiva
Mahaaveer Boy Most powerful
Mahabahu Boy Arjuna
Mahabala Boy Strength
Mahabhadra Girl Ganga river
Mahadev Boy Lord shiva
Mahadevan Boy  
Mahadevi Girl Goddess durga
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