657 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "P". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with P.

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Name Gender Meaning
Pa Unisex Pa
Paandu Boy Father of the pandavas
Paandurang Boy A diety
Paaninee Boy A sanskrit grammarian
Paaras Boy One who is precious for the community
Paarbrahm Boy The supreme spirit
Paarth Boy Another name of arjuna, a king, student
Paarthiv Boy Earthly
Paarvendan Boy A person who can rule the world
Paarvi Girl  
Paavak Boy Pure
Paavan Boy Pure, sacred
Paavana Unisex The individual who is powerful because of their pure character
Pachak Boy It means one who can digest situations well
Packiaraj Boy  
Padam Boy Lotus
Padamjit Boy The person who is beautiful like the Lotus
Padampal Boy A man who loves Lord Krishna
Padamprem Boy A devout follower of Lord Krishna
Padma Girl Lotus, goddess lakshmi ( padmaja = born from lotus )
Padmabandhu Boy Friend of lotus ( bee , sun )
Padmadhar Boy One who holds a lotus
Padmahasta Boy Lotus-handed. lord krishan
Padmaj Boy Lord brahama
Padmaja Girl Born from lotus , lakshmi
Padmakali Girl Lotus bud
Padmakant Boy Husband of lotus ( sun)
Padmakar Boy Jewel, lord vishnu
Padmakshi Girl One with lotus-like eyes
Padmal Boy Lotus
Padmalochan Boy Lotus eyed
Padmamalini Girl Goddess lakshmi
Padman Boy Lotus
Padmanaban Boy  
Padmanabh Boy One with lotus in his navel i.e. vishnu
Padmanabha Boy Lord vishnu
Padmanabhan Boy  
Padmapani Boy Lord bramha
Padmapati Boy Lord vishnu
Padmapriya Girl  
Padmarekha Girl Lotus- like lines on palm which are considered to be sign of good luck
Padmaroopa Girl Like a lotus
Padmashree Girl  
Padmavasa Girl One who resided in lotus ( goddess lakshmi)
Padmavathi Girl  
Padmavathy Girl  
Padmavati Girl Goddess lakshmi
Padmayani Boy Lord brahama; buddha
Padmesh Boy Lord vishnu
Padmini Girl Lotus plant, also famous queen of chittaud
Padminish Boy Lord of lotuses; sun
Pahal Boy Facet, beginning initiative
Pakhi Boy Bird
Paksha Boy Symbolising the phases of moon.
Pakshi Boy Bird
Palak Boy Eyelid
Palani Boy  
Palanisamy Boy  
Palash Boy Tree
Palashkusum Boy The flower of palash
Palashranjan Boy Beautiful like a palash
Palin Boy Protecting
Pallab Boy New leaves pallav
Pallabi Girl  
Pallav Boy Young shoots and leaves
Pallavi Girl Bud;Bloom
Pallavini Girl With new leaves
Pampa Girl  
Panav Boy Prince
Panchaanan Boy Five-eyed, name of shiva
Panchajana Boy  
Panchal Boy Lord shiva
Panchali Girl Doll, also draupadi, the wife of pandavas
Panchavaktra Boy Five faced, lord hanuman
Pandhari Boy Lord vithobha
Pandian Boy  
Pandita Boy Scholar
Pandiyan Boy  
Pandu Boy  
Panduranga Boy With pale white complexion
Pandya Boy South indian dynasty
Pankaj Boy Mud born, lotus
Pankaja Girl Lotus
Pankajalochana Boy Lotus eyed. lord krishna
Pankajan Boy Lotus; lord vishnu
Pankajeet Boy Eagle ( garuda )
Pann-gesh Boy King of serpents
Panna Boy Emerald
Pannalal Boy Emerald
Panneerselvam Boy  
Panshul Boy Lord shiva
Papia Girl  
Papiya Girl  
Paraag Boy Pollen, sandal wood
Paraashar Boy A celebrated saint
Parag Boy Pollen grains
Parajika Girl A raagini
Parakram Boy Strength
Param Boy Perfect, ultimate
Param-hans Boy The supreme spirit
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