109 Hindu names starting with the alphabet "E". Names of Hindu origin and baby names shortlisted from Hindu holy books which starts with E.

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Name Gender Meaning
Eash Boy One who is supreme
Eashan Boy Lord vishnu
Easwari Girl  
Ecchumati Girl A river
Edha Girl Sacred
Edhas Boy In Sanskrit, it means, 'happiness, bliss'.
Edhitha Girl Progressed, increased
Edi Boy Herb
Ednit Boy Evolved
Eelakili Girl Parakeet from eelam, beautiful
Eesha Girl Goddess parvati,purity
Eeshwar Boy God
Eha Boy A beautiful Desire or Wish
Ehimay Boy All pervasive
Ehimaya Girl An all pervading intellect
Eila Girl The earth
Eiravathi Girl River
Eiravati Girl Lightening, ravi river
Eka Boy Lord vishnu
Ekaaksh Boy One eyed, shiva
Ekaakshara Boy A name for lord ganesha
Ekaant Boy Soliltary
Ekaatmaa Boy Oneself, alone
Ekachakra Boy Son of kashyapa
Ekachandra Boy The only moon
Ekachith Boy With one mind
Ekadant Boy Lord ganesh
Ekadhana Girl A portion of wealth
Ekagrah Boy Focussed
Ekaja Girl The only child
Ekaksha Boy Lord shiva
Ekala Boy One who is solitary and single; only child
Ekalavya Boy A pupil of dronaachaarya
Ekaling Boy Name of lord shiva
Ekalinga Boy Shiva
Ekambar Boy Sky
Ekamjeet Boy One who depicts oneness 
Ekampreet Unisex One who loves God 
Ekamveer Boy Only one
Ekana Boy Lord vishnu
Ekanath Boy King
Ekanga Boy Bogyguard
Ekani Boy One
Ekansh Boy One who is Complete, whole, one
Ekantha Girl Lovely
Ekanthika Girl Devoted to one aim
Ekapad Boy Lord shiva
Ekaparana Girl Wife of himalaya
Ekaparnika Girl Goddess durga
Ekaparusa Boy One who is spontaneous and careful being
Ekaraj Boy Emperor
Ekata Girl Unity
Ekatan Boy Closely attentive
Ekavali Girl Single-string
Ekavir Boy Bravest of the brave
Ekavira Boy Lord shiva's daughter
Ekayavan Boy The wise one
Ekbal Boy Dignity
Ekesa Boy The everlasting God
Ekeshwar Boy One with a lot of power
Ekisha Girl One goddess
Eklavya Boy Student who learned bow by watching
Eknath Boy Poet, saint
Ekodar Boy Brother
Ekram Boy Honour
Ekta Girl Unity
Ektaa Girl Unity
Ela Girl Cardamom tree
Elakkiya Girl  
Elampirai Girl Young crescent
Elango Boy  
Elangovan Boy  
Elavarasi Girl Youthful, princess
Elayaraja Boy  
Elili Girl Beautiful
Elumalai Boy  
Eman Boy God is with us
Emi Girl 'A beautiful blessing' in Japanese. 'Secret place' in Tamil
Enakshi Girl Dear-eyed
Esakkimuthu Boy  
Esh Boy God
Esha Girl Desire
Eshan Boy Passion of the sun
Eshana Girl Want,Desire, Wish
Eshani Girl Goddess parvati
Eshanika Girl Fulfilling desire
Eshanya Girl East
Eshika Girl An arrow, dart
Eshita Girl One who desires
Eshma Girl One who is Lucky
Eshwar Boy God
Eshwaransh Boy It means Lord Shiva
Eshwardutt Boy Gift of god
Eswanth Boy Another name of Lord Krishna
Eswar Boy  
Eswaraiah Boy  
Eswaramoorthy Boy  
Eswaran Boy  
Eswari Girl  
Eta Girl Luminous
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