List of all trains passing through Tirunelveli Junction Railway Station, Tamil Nadu. Arrival & departure time of trains at Tirunelveli Junction station. Click on train name to get more information about the train, its route, days of arrival at Tirunelveli Junction etc...

Trains to Tirunelveli Junction Station - List of Tirunelveli Junction Trains and Train Numbers

Complete list of Trains to Tirunelveli Junction, Trains from Tirunelveli Junction and Trains passing through the Tirunelveli Junction Railway station in the state of Tamil Nadu. Scroll down to view a map showing the location of Tirunelveli Junction Station and other information like Tirunelveli Junction distance to other cities, airport location etc...

No: Train Name Arr. Dep. Schedule Origin Destination
56717 Kanniyakumari Tirunelveli Passenger 20:40 Dest. Daily Kanyakumari Tirunelveli Junction
56796 Sengottai Tirunelveli Passenger 08:55 Dest. Daily Sengottai Tirunelveli Junction
16790 Jammu Erode - Tirunelveli Link Express 00:45 Dest. Mo Erode Junction Tirunelveli Junction
56035 Tiruchendur Tirunelveli Passenger 12:10 Dest. Daily Tiruchendur Tirunelveli Junction
56766 Tiruchendur Tirunelveli Passenger 19:40 Dest. Daily Tiruchendur Tirunelveli Junction
16788 Jammu Erode - Tirunelveli Link Exp 18:00 Dest. Th Erode Junction Tirunelveli Junction
22629 Dadar Tirunelveli Super Fast Express 04:00 Dest. Sa Dadar (Central) Tirunelveli Junction
56764 Tiruchendur Tirunelveli Passenger 18:00 Dest. Daily Tiruchendur Tirunelveli Junction
12631 Nellai Superfast Express 06:45 Dest. Daily Chennai Egmore Tirunelveli Junction
82603 Chennai Egmore Tirunelveli Suvidha Special 08:45 Dest. Fr Tambaram Tirunelveli Junction
22619 Bilaspur Tirunelveli Super Fast Express 05:20 Dest. Th Bilaspur Tirunelveli Junction
56762 Tiruchendur Tirunelveli Passenger 09:05 Dest. Daily Tiruchendur Tirunelveli Junction
11021 Dadar Tirunelveli Chalukya Express 11:45 Dest. Mo, Th & Fr Dadar (Central) Tirunelveli Junction
56825 Erode Tirunelveli Passenger 23:30 Dest. Daily Erode Junction Tirunelveli Junction
19578 Jamnagar Tirunelveli Express 22:10 Dest. Su & Mo Jamnagar Tirunelveli Junction
56741 Tuticorin Tirunelveli Passenger 20:30 Dest. Daily Tuticorin Tirunelveli Junction
06001 Chennai Egmore Tirunelveli Specialfare Special 07:00 Dest. Sa Chennai Egmore Tirunelveli Junction
56802 Sengottai Tirunelveli Passenger 20:10 Dest. Daily Sengottai Tirunelveli Junction
19424 Gandhidham Tirunelveli Humsafar Express 11:30 Dest. We Gandhidham BG Tirunelveli Junction
56728 Sengottai tirunelveli Passenger 17:10 Dest. Daily Sengottai Tirunelveli Junction
01704 Jabalpur Tirunelveli Super Fast Specialfare Special 04:45 Dest. Sa Jabalpur Tirunelveli Junction
56800 Sengottai Tirunelveli Passenger 12:30 Dest. Daily Sengottai Tirunelveli Junction
16792 Palaruvi Express 06:15 Dest. Daily Palakkad Junction Tirunelveli Junction
56701 Punalur Madurai Passenger 00:25 00:30 Daily Punalur Madurai Junction
16861 Puducherry Kanniyakumari Express 01:10 01:15 Mo Puducherry Kanyakumari
22620 Tirunelveli Bilaspur Super Fast Express Origin 01:15 Su Tirunelveli Junction Bilaspur
16339 Mumbai CSMT Nagercoil Express 01:25 01:30 Su, Tu, Fr & Sa Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Nagercoil Junction
16351 Mumbai CSMT Nagercoil Balaji Express 01:28 01:30 Mo & Th Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Nagercoil Junction
22621 Rameswaram Kanniyakumari Super Fast Express 02:18 02:20 Su, Tu & Fr Rameswaram Kanyakumari
56700 Madurai Punalur Passenger 02:40 02:45 Daily Madurai Junction Punalur
22668 Coimbatore Nagercoil Super Fast Express 03:10 03:15 Daily Coimbatore Junction Nagercoil Junction
12633 Chennai Egmore Kanniyakumari Superfast Express 04:00 04:05 Daily Chennai Egmore Kanyakumari
56826 Tirunelveli erode Passenger Origin 05:05 Daily Tirunelveli Junction Erode Junction
12642 Thirukkural Super Fast Express 05:15 05:20 Mo & We Hazrat Nizamuddin Kanyakumari
22657 Tambaram Nagercoil Junction Super Fast Express 05:40 05:45 Tu, We & Th Tambaram Nagercoil Junction
12667 Chennai Egmore Nagercoil Weekly Super Fast Express 05:40 05:45 Fr Chennai Egmore Nagercoil Junction
17235 KSR Bengaluru Nagercoil Express 06:05 06:10 Daily KSR Bengaluru City Junction Nagercoil Junction
16105 Chennai Egmore Tiruchendur Express 05:50 06:15 Daily Chennai Egmore Tiruchendur
56801 Tirunelveli Sengottai Passenger Origin 07:00 Daily Tirunelveli Junction Sengottai
56761 Tirunelveli Tiruchendur Passenger Origin 07:10 Daily Tirunelveli Junction Tiruchendur
22630 Tirunelveli Dadar Super Fast Express Origin 07:15 We Tirunelveli Junction Dadar (Central)
56742 Tirunelveli Tuticorin Passenger Origin 07:30 Daily Tirunelveli Junction Tuticorin
19423 Tirunelveli Gandhidham Humsafar Express Origin 07:45 Th Tirunelveli Junction Gandhidham BG
16340 Nagercoil Mumbai CSMT Express 07:40 07:45 Mo, Tu, We & Fr Nagercoil Junction Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus
16352 Nagercoil Mumbai CSMT Balaji Express 07:40 07:45 Su & Th Nagercoil Junction Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus
19577 Tirunelveli Jamnagar Express Origin 07:45 Mo & Tu Tirunelveli Junction Jamnagar
16723 Ananthapuri Express 07:50 07:55 Daily Chennai Egmore Kollam Junction
12665 Howrah Kanniyakumari Superfast Express 08:20 08:25 We Howrah Junction Kanyakumari
16128 Guruvayur Chennai Egmore Express 08:35 08:40 Daily Guruvayur Chennai Egmore
56797 Tirunelveli Sengottai Passenger Origin 09:20 Daily Tirunelveli Junction Sengottai
56319 Nagercoil Coimbatore Fast Passenger 09:25 09:30 Daily Nagercoil Junction Coimbatore Junction
12689 MGR Chennai Nagercoil Junction Super Fast Express 09:30 09:35 Sa Chennai Central Nagercoil Junction
16354 Nagercoil Kacheguda Weekly Express 09:35 09:40 Tu Nagercoil Junction Kacheguda
12666 Kanniyakumari Howrah Super Fast Express 09:35 09:40 Sa Kanyakumari Howrah Junction
56763 Tirunelveli Tiruchendur Passenger Origin 10:00 Daily Tirunelveli Junction Tiruchendur
56767 Tuticorin Tiruchendur Passenger 11:10 11:15 Daily Tuticorin Tiruchendur
16191 Tambaram Nagercoil Junction Antyodaya Express 12:05 12:10 Daily Tambaram Nagercoil Junction
22627 Tiruchchirappalli Thiruvananthapuram Intercity Super Fast Express 12:30 12:35 Daily Tiruchirapalli Trivandrum Central
56770 Tiruchendur Palakkad Junction Passenger 13:05 13:10 Daily Tiruchendur Palakkad Junction
56803 Tirunelveli Sengottai Passenger Origin 13:50 Daily Tirunelveli Junction Sengottai
56769 Palakkad Junction Tiruchendur Passenger 13:55 14:00 Daily Palakkad Junction Tiruchendur
22628 Thiruvananthapuram Tiruchchirappalli Super Fast Intercity Express 14:25 14:30 Daily Trivandrum Central Tiruchirapalli
11022 Tirunelveli Dadar Chalukya Express Origin 15:00 Mo, Th & Fr Tirunelveli Junction Dadar (Central)
16862 Kanniyakumari Puducherry Express 15:20 15:25 Mo Kanyakumari Puducherry
01703 Tirunelveli Jabalpur Super Fast Specialfare Special Origin 16:00 Sa Tirunelveli Junction Jabalpur
16787 Tirunelveli Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Express Origin 16:00 Mo & Fr Tirunelveli Junction Erode Junction
56036 Tirunelveli Tiruchendur Passenger Origin 16:00 Daily Tirunelveli Junction Tiruchendur
56768 Tiruchendur Tuticorin Passenger 16:05 16:10 Daily Tiruchendur Tuticorin
16192 Nagercoil Junction tambaram Antyodaya Express 17:10 17:15 Daily Nagercoil Junction Tambaram
06002 Tirunelveli Tambaram Special Fare Special Origin 18:00 Su Tirunelveli Junction Tambaram
82602 Tirunelveli Tambaram Suvidha Special Origin 18:00 Su Tirunelveli Junction Tambaram
56320 Coimbatore Nagercoil Fast Passenger 18:05 18:15 Daily Coimbatore Junction Nagercoil Junction
22658 Nagercoil Junction Tambaram Super Fast Express 18:15 18:20 Tu, We & Th Nagercoil Junction Tambaram
12668 Nagercoil Chennai Egmore Weekly Superfast Express 18:15 18:20 Fr Nagercoil Junction Chennai Egmore
56727 Tirunelveli Sengottai Passenger Origin 18:25 Daily Tirunelveli Junction Sengottai
56765 Tirunelveli Tiruchendur Passenger Origin 18:35 Daily Tirunelveli Junction Tiruchendur
12634 Kanniyakumari Chennai Egmore Superfast Express 18:55 19:05 Daily Kanyakumari Chennai Egmore
16353 Kacheguda Nagercoil Weekly Express 19:00 19:05 Th Kacheguda Nagercoil Junction
16127 Chennai Egmore Guruvayur Express 19:30 19:35 Daily Chennai Egmore Guruvayur
12632 Nellai Superfast Express Origin 19:45 Daily Tirunelveli Junction Chennai Egmore
16724 Ananthapuri Express 19:50 19:55 Daily Kollam Junction Chennai Egmore
16106 Tiruchendur Chennai Egmore Express 20:25 20:30 Daily Tiruchendur Chennai Egmore
17236 Nagercoil KSR Bengaluru Express 20:50 20:55 Daily Nagercoil Junction KSR Bengaluru City Junction
12690 Nagercoil Junction MGR Chennai Super Fast Express 21:10 21:15 Su Nagercoil Junction Chennai Central
12641 Thirukkural Super Fast Express 21:10 21:15 We & Fr Kanyakumari Hazrat Nizamuddin
22667 Nagercoil Coimbatore Super Fast Express 22:37 22:40 Daily Nagercoil Junction Coimbatore Junction
16791 Palaruvi Express Origin 22:45 Daily Tirunelveli Junction Palakkad Junction
22622 Kanniyakumari Rameswaram Super Fast Express 23:37 23:40 Su, Tu & Fr Kanyakumari Rameswaram

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Nearest Airports to Tirunelveli Junction Railway Station

Following are the nearest airports to Tirunelveli Junction and Tirunelveli Junction Railway Station. Distance to the two airports is given in bracket.

  1. Tuticorin Airport - (47.08 Km / 29.25 Miles)
  2. Thiruvananthapuram International Airport - (91.09 Km / 56.6 Miles)

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